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Jewelry Services

We appraise Jewelry, Watches, Loose Gemstones & Silver.

Appraisals are conducted in a secure environment and include:
  • Complete descriptions of your items: gemstones are identified, graded and measured, and weights calculated.
  • Mountings are tested for metal content and checked for condition and security.
  • Digital photographs are supplied with every report.
  • Your appraisal will explain the grading systems used.
  • We retain a copy of your report on file for 5 years. Updated reports on your items will cost 50% of the then current appraisal fees.
  • Appraisals while you wait are available by appointment. Walk in clients can expect a 1-3 working day turn-around time, varies with work load.


Minimum Written Appraisal Fee for One Standard Item $110.00
PDF Format (Via E-Mail) $100.00
Minimum Fee for Each Additional Item $80.00
Complex Item As Quoted
Summary Evaluation Jewelry/Loose Stone
(Minimum each item)
Office Consulting Fee per Hour $200.00
Expert Witness Court Testifying per Hour $325.00
Update PGL Appraisal and/or Verification (Within 5 year period) 50% Off Full Appraisal Fee
Damage Reports/Estimates of Weight Loss after Recutting Full Appraisal Fee Plus $100.00
Digital Photographs of Jewelry $10.00 per photo

Loose Diamonds

Plot on Diamond $100.00
Pocket Report (card) $100.00
Diamond Laser Inscription or Recutting Service As Quoted
Report Verification $50.00
Sarin/OGI Report $60.00 to $120.00
Color & Clarity $40.00

Colored Stones

Gem Identification $30.00
Summary Evaluation (per Item) $80.00
Shopping List Appraisal Format (Maximum 7 Stones) Same Type of Gem: $315.00
Different Types of Gems: $420.00
Jewelry and Gemstone Sorting Time, per Hour $200.00 (1/2 Hour Minimum)

Sterling Silver

Flatware Set $150.00
Coffee/Tea Sets $150.00
Additional Pieces As Quoted

Broker Services

$10,000 or Over 10% broker fee of sale
$9,999 or Less 20% broker fee of sale

Home/Office - Off-site Appointments

Consulting - $250 per hour.
Appraisal fee plus $200 per hour.
sample appraisal
To view a sample appraisal, click above.

appraisal card
To view a sample appraisal card, click above

Digital Photographs are Available with each Full Appraisal.

We use State of the Art Equipment

Testing for Fluorescence