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5 starsMar 04, 2015 by sol varon
I have used PGL for over thirty years and have found them to be extremely professional, excellent in their grading and descriptions and very thorough in their research of items. I am a dealer in antique jewelry and recommend them to my clients and to other dealers and will continue to do so. There is simply no one better in Portland or the surrounding area for accurate, correct appraisals!
5 starsJun 06, 2013 by Maddy A

I've gone to Pacific Gem Labs twice to get some jewelry appraisals. The first time was for my engagement ring, and the second time was for another ring.

On both pieces, I worked with Mark, he's quite knowledgeable and friendly. He also took the time to answer any questions that I had about the jewelry and the appraisal.

They estimate the appraisal takes about 90 minutes but I've been able to pick up my jewelry after about an hour. You can also drop off your item and pick it up later in the day.

There's a coffee shop on the first floor of the building (Lotus & Bean Espresso Bar), a Starbucks about two blocks away, and plenty of malls around if you're looking to stay and kill time. While there is a small waiting area stocked with magazines in their office, I preferred to get out and let them do their work.

Both my items were appraised within industry range. The difference here, in my opinion, didn't warrant a second appraisal elsewhere. They'll also clean your jewelry for you. Their written appraisal is detailed and is what jewelry insurers typically want.

5 starsJul 18, 2011 by Amanda S.
I had a engagement ring appraised here, and I would go back. It was very professional and I feel it was a fair appraisal.
5 starsJun 02, 2011 by Christine D.

Sometimes a girl needs an appraisal, so I called a friend and told her I needed a good appraiser for some jewelry I had. I thought, since I was recently engaged, I should have the ring checked out. I also had some earrings that I had been promising myself that I would get appraised.

I called and made an appointment. They made it for a couple days out and said I could drop off my pieces or simply wait for them. I thought since I was already driving downtown, I would just wait. They told me of the coffee shops downstairs, etc. However, I was content to catch up on my reading.

They had a couple of chairs out of the way for you to wait while the gemologist worked with your items.

They told me to allow two hours but I was back on the road after about an hour and a half. They validate your parking up to an hour, which is good because there is a Smart Park right across the street.

The values came out about where I figured they would, which was good. They also cleaned up my gems for me. The gemologist did make some suggestions about my earrings and perhaps getting new backs for the earrings, which I will probably consider in the future.

I'll be back if I need anything else appraised. Quick service, while you wait.

5 starsDec 10, 2008 by WildCat H.
I had a diamond ring appraised there and they were very professional. The certificate came complete with a photo of the ring and a detailed evaluation. I would definitely recommend them to others.
5 starsAug 23, 2008 by Ann T.
I recently had a business transaction regarding a diamond and a new setting with Mona and Linda at Pacific Gem Labs. They were extremely fair, courteous and professional. I recommend them very highly!
5 starsApr 02, 2007 by Wanda G.
Most professional and experienced appraisers I've known! They provided great service and knowledge and I would recommend them to anyone needing jewelry appraisals.